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Contemporary House Design by mckenna + associates.

Located on a spectacular site, this exciting project involved a contemporary house design by mckenna + associates Architects, Trim, Co. Meath. Natural light was a driving concept and so we designed a modern, bright and spacious home which nestles subtly into the rural landscape. The results are beautiful.

The design is focused on creating a stylish and spacious family home which also suits its landscape and orientation around the sun path. As a result it allows the house take in a lot of natural resources such as sunlight and heat throughout the day.

The team at mckenna + associates designed a modern building which took full advantage of the setting and views without imposing on the local landscape. This led to a traditional form with a modern twist. The visual appearance of this home, the materials used and the use of both existing and new landscaping has allowed the building to integrate with its surroundings.

Planning consisted of the construction of a storey and a half house and a garage.

The layout is designed to allow for;

  • 4 bedrooms,
  • open plan kitchen/lounge/dining,
  • 3 bathrooms,
  • sitting room,
  • utility,
  • pantry and a,
  • rear hall.


This is a luxurious home with a modern interior which has very comfortable, bright and spacious living areas. As a result it offers our clients a beautiful and practical home.


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