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Modern Farmhouse Design by mckenna + associates.

mckenna + associates, Trim, Co Meath, have recently completed a new modern farmhouse design and build outside Enfield.

Our client asked us to design a two storey, modern farmhouse styled home in the country, which would provide a luxurious living environment for their family. The project involved the design of a traditional farmhouse yet with modern features to be found inside.

This modern farmhouse design allows for;

  • a spacious open plan kitchen,
  • dining and lounge,
  • 4 bedrooms,
  • 4 bathrooms,
  • sitting room,
  • utility,
  • rear hall,
  • attached garage/play area.

Natural light was a driving concept so this family house is designed to suit its landscape and orientation by maximizing the sunpath throughout the day. As a result the house takes in a lot of natural resources such as sunlight and heat throughout the day.

The form of this building is quite simple. Its main focus is to connect spaces and maintain good flow through the entire structure.

A new farmhouse for the Meath countryside.

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