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Construction Management

At mckenna + associates we provide a Chartered Construction Management service.

Our Construction Management service oversees the project from the beginning to the end. 

This service includes preparation of tender documents and reviewing the tenders received. When construction starts the construction manager working on your project will act as your independent advisor. As your advisor we will liaise with your building contractor but always independent of them. A member of our team will inspect the work at critical stages during the build on your behalf. This is to ensure it is being carried out in accordance with Planning Permission, Building Regulations and the contract documents. mckenna + associates can also issue stage payment requests to any lending institutions if required. Upon completion, we will issue an opinion on compliance with Building Regulations and Planning Permission accompanied by a Declaration of Identity if needed.

mckenna + associates is also registered as an approved Design & Assigned Certifier under the Building Control (Amended) Regulations 2014.

Assigned Certifiers

As an Assigned Certifier we certify that building works are carried out in accordance with the Building Control (Amended) Regulations 2014. mckenna + associates are responsible for signing legal documents for building control and overseeing all other certifiers on the project. An Assigned Certifier does not supervise the builder on-site. This role focuses on inspecting the building, the workmanship, detailing, materials used, etc.

Design Certifier

A certificate of compliance (design) is a requirement under the Building Control (Amended) Regulations 2014. As a design certifier, mckenna + associates is responsible for the preparation of the drawings, specification and, particulars for the design of the building. Your certifier will also ensure that all other certificates are obtained for other members of the design team.