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Building Surveying

scsi-rics-lockupOur team of Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates, Trim, Co. Meath can provide a range of services to the private, public or legal sectors. Our services include the following:

Residential Surveying

A building survey is a detailed inspection of a property to highlight any structural defects. Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors conduct building surveys on new and second hand properties prior to purchase to advise our clients regarding the impact of a property’s condition on their purchase decision. We conduct an interior and exterior inspection of the property and provide our clients with a comprehensive report on its condition.

This Building Survey report includes:

  • an appraisal of the building fabric & construction materials,
  • analysis of defects identified with advice on appropriate repairs,
  • an estimated cost to complete the necessary repairs and,
  • analysis of less significant defects and general disrepair in the physical condition & design of the building.

A building defects analysis is a comprehensive exploration into a particular problem or defect with a property. This process involves the identification of the defect with recommendations for remedial work to be carried out. Occasionally, opening up works are required to determine the exact cause and our Chartered Building Surveyors will outline in their report the necessary course of action required to eliminate the problem along with estimated costs for the necessary repairs. mckenna + associates can also act as expert witnesses for the courts should the need arise.
A Snag List is a detailed inspection of a newly built property to highlight any defects or shortcomings prior to purchasing or finalising contracts. Our analysis will also ensure the property is in compliance with the relevant Building Regulations and meets all Health & Safety regulations. Our Chartered Building Surveyors will help ensure that our clients are fully confident and happy with their decision to purchase their new home.
At mckenna + associates we recommend that a full planning search is conducted prior to the purchase of a new property. This planning search involves an inspection of the planning history of the site in the relevant Local Authority. This search reviews enforcement notices, compulsory purchase orders, road widening, unauthorised developments, zoning and previous planning applications. Our Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates can also inspect the files relating to adjoining sites to identify any major development works which may have been granted planning permission.
At mckenna + associates we offer Certificates of Compliance as recommended by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland. These certificates include Certificates on Compliance with Building Regulations, Planning Permission, Exemption from Planning and Fire Safety Certification.

At mckenna + associates we recognise the importance of making your new home as airtight and energy effecient as possible. Using our thermal imaging equipment our Chartered Building Surveyors can help identify areas where heat loss and air penetration is occurring which will help assist our clients to reduce their energy bills and achieve a better energy rating score. Our Infrared camera is an easy and quick way to show exactly where the problems are occuring allowing us to properly diagnose a potential problem and improve energy effeciency. Following our survey our Chartered Building Surveyors will provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement outlined.

When purchasing a property it is important that the boundaries of your property are in line with the Title Documents. At mckenna + associates our Chartered Building Surveyors can advise whether the information on file is correct and if we believe there is likely to be any disputes over your boundaries in the future.

At mckenna + associates we offer a range of Topographical Surveys from full feature surveys which map all visible features on site such as trees, roads, paths, fences etc to more basic surveys looking at boundaries specifically for planning applications. Our surveys can be produced to various scales and supplied in CAD format.

At mckenna + associates our Chartered Building Surveyors can prepare maps for all aspects of property transfer to meet the requirements of the Land Registry, for example, if your property requires a new title, if a new plot needs to be outlined on a map or if your farm needs to be mapped to indicate all boundaries, rights of way, farm buildings etc. We will work closely with your solicitor to ensure all surveying, mapping and certification are submitted to the land registry.

At mckenna + associates we have dealt with many clients who have faced boundary disputes with their neighbours. These types of disputes are stressful and often costly. Our Chartered Building Surveyors can help identify property boundary lines and provide you with a comprehensive report and offer practical advice on how best to proceed. We can also act as an expert witness should the need arise.

Our measured building surveys provide you with a detailed record of a property outlining all structural elements and architectural features. This survey will look at floor plans, elevations and cross sections. Our surveys can be produced to various scales and supplied in CAD format.

Commercial Surveying

An inspection of a commercial property, often referred to as a ‘structural survey’, is a detailed examination of the interior and exterior of a building prior to purchase and is completed to advise our clients regarding the impact of a property’s condition on their purchase decision. Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors conduct these surveys to determine its condition, identify any major defects and make recommendations to remedy any apparent defects. Upon completion we provide our clients with a comprehensive report on its condition. Each report will contain a list of budget costings of the main defects encountered during the property inspection.

A pre lease acquisition survey is a detailed inspection of a property to highlight the current condition of the building and highlight any structural defects prior to signing lease documents. At mckenna + associates our team of Chartered Building Surveyors conduct these surveys and advise our clients on all aspects of repair and maintenance along with any major defects in the building. This will enable our clients to negotiate a reduced price if applicable.

At mckenna + associates our Chartered Building Surveyors can provide expert advice on all aspects of repair and maintenance obligations for both landlords and tenants. Our inspection will highlight any deterioration in the building and repair obligations of the tenant. 
Our services include:

  • Preparation of claim for the Landlord,
  • defence for the Tenant,
  • negotiate financial settlement for the Landlord/Tenant,
  • monitor works for the Landlord,
  • assessment of dilapidations liability for the Tenant/Landlord and,
  • portfolio dilapidations management.

At mckenna + associates we prepare two types of schedules of condition;


1. A schedule of condition:

This type of condition survey records the buildings condition, records any defects through photographic and text evidence. This type of report is often carried out by a tenant before entering into a lease on a building whereby they are responsible for maintiang the condition of the building.


2. A Condition Survey:

This type of survey is requested by builders or individual property owners who wish to record the condition of an existing building prior to any development works been carried out adjacent or nearby. This report establishes a factual record through the use of text and photographs to record the existing condition of the building.

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment for Insurance purposes will advise on the anticipated cost of reinstating a building in the event of damage covered by an insured risk. Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors can prepare accurate reinstatement costs which are based upon current market conditions and prices. This ensures that our client’s are not paying excessive premiums whilst maintaining their appropriate levels of cover. The Reinstatement Valuations are produced using published building cost information.

Under many lease arrangements, it is necessary for a tenant to obtain the consent of a landlord prior to carrying out any alterations or refurbishment of a leasehold premises. Often a lease will set out the tenant’s obligations to conform to all current planning and development requirements. In acting on behalf of landlords, our Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates can ensure that the proposals planned by a tenant fully comply with all necessary statutory requirements and that the tenant will undertake to comply with their repairing obligations.

Planned Maintenance Programmes provide recommendations and indicative budget costings for future maintenance works to the common parts, the external structure and fabric of managed buildings such as office developments and apartment schemes. Planned preventative maintenance is becoming an increasing aspect of building asset management and this service provides for the renewal of building elements before failure thus preventing consequential damage, which can have severe effects on maintenance budgets. Our Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates can prepare Planned Maintenance Schedules/BIFs, which are fully costed and provide a programmed approach, detailing the capital expenditure required to preserve an asset and allows for accurate budgeting over a planned period.

The team of Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates have experience working on refurbishment projects around Leinster.
 The following Project Procurement and Contract Administration Service are available:

  • Project Procurement and Contract Administration Service,
  • Health & Safety,
  • Planning Permission, Fire Safety Certificate & Disabled Access Certificate Applications,
  • Execution of Upgrading and Maintenance Works,
  • Assigned Certifier Role,
  • Fit out works and,
  • Project Procurement and Contract Administration Service.

As a client it is your duty under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 – 2013 to appoint a Project Supervisor for the Design Process (PSDP) and ensure that the designer that you instruct is competent to undertake the works. mckenna + associates can both act as the PSDP and Designer to guide you through all aspects of your duties.

Fire Safety Certificates (FSC) show that adequate escape facilities are present in a building. Fire Safety Certificates also show that the building is designed in such a way that limits and  prevents the spread of the fire. All buildings must comply with  Part B (Fire) of the Building Regulations 1997 – 2010.
Under current Building Control Legislation, Fire Safety Certificates are required for all new commercial properties or in the case of existing buildings, if a material change of use, material alteration or increase in floor area is proposed.
Following the issuing of the final design drawings, the Fire Safety Certificate Application can be prepared and lodged with the Fire Services Section of the relevant Local Authority

mckenna + associates offer a complete design and management of works from inception to completion service. We offer project management of a maintenance or repair project for our clients. This service is applicable to any action of work such as:

  • Refurbishment and internal alterations of buildings,
  • Upgrading buildings in relation to fire precautions / means of escape,
  • Recladding of building envelope,
  • Roofing replacement scheme,
  • Window replacement scheme and,
    • Remediation works in relation to the presence of pyrite.

In March 2014 new legislation came into force requiring all clients to appoint an Assigned Certifier to oversee the design, construction and final certification on a wide range of building works. mckenna + associates are fully qualified and have a team of experienced professionals designated to carry out this new role – for more information visit here.

Fit out or refurbishment work requires a high degree of co-ordination to ensure the works run on time and within budget and achieve the required standard of finish. Our Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates has undertaken a number of commercial fit out projects and our role has included defining the client brief, preparing space layout designs, preparing tender documentation, monitoring of the work on site, final sign-off and hand over to the client. We would also look after all statutory requirements including potential Planning Permission, Fire Safety Certificate and Disabled Access Certificate applications. Our experience in this field means that we will be on hand to advise and guide a client from the initial concept through to successful completion.

Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors at mckenna + associates can provide detailed floor plans or take sufficient check measurements to calculate the floor areas. All floor areas are calculated in accordance with the latest SCSI Measuring Practice Guidance Note.

mckenna + associates can give expert advice on the legislation regarding Protected Structure. We can also prepare both Section 5 and Section 57 applications under the Planning & Development Act 2000-2002.
mckenna + associates can also complete and lodge applications for grant assistance to both Local Authorities, The Heritage Council and The Irish Georgian Society.
mckenna + associates can submit to a Local Authority a request for a Section 57 Declaration which would set out the type of works which the Authority considers would or would not materially affect the character of the structure or any element of the structure, thereby clarifying which works would be considered exempted development. Applications can also be prepared under Section 5 of the Planning and Development Act 2000-2002, for submission to the Local Authority for a declaration as to what in any particular case is or is not exempted development within the meaning of the Act.